F’olio - EVO

Our Extravergin Olive Oil is exclusively obtained from olives harvested in our orchard and grown personally with meticulous attention.

Fruits are harvested at the best level of ripening, when the green olives start to show light gold shade and the colour of some of them turns from green into black. Choosing the perfect timing of harvest is the most important thing to have the best outcome. We have to choose the moment when the oil enrichment is complete and the content of antioxidant compound is higher.

Antioxidant compounds, as polyphenols, give flavour and a light sensation of bitter and spicy to a good olive oil. These characteristics turn extravergin olive oil into an enjoyable food and an important ingredient for a healthy diet.


F'olio - Il Classico

Il Classico is an extravergin olive oil produced by the ensemble of the three cultivars grown in our orchard: Peranzana, Biccarese and Pizzuta. Its flavour is the mix of their characteristics. The final result is a blend fragrant and complex, characterized by scent of green grass, green tomato, light scent of flower and wild cardoon and by a light bitter and spicy taste.

F'olio – “Monocultivar Peranzana”

“Monocultivar Peranzana” is an extravergin olive oil obtained exclusively by Peranzana fruits. The outcome is an oil that clearly describe the peculiar flavour of the cultivar with scents of green grass, artichoke, tomato and unripe almond and a light sensation of bitter and spicy. 

About us

Valente and Anna meet at College. They both held a Master Degree in Agricultural Science. They decided to start their life together in Lucera, in a country house surrounded by an ancient olive trees orchard.

Their adventure began in 2010. The aim: valuing one of the most important food product of Puglia, the extravergin olive oil.

“F’olio” wants to be the attempt to produce a high quality product guided by deep technical and agronomical knowledge, inspired by the ancient local tradition. 

Growing organic

Growing organic means listening season rhythm, means farming working together with environment. Observation and prevention are crucial. We use chemotropic traps to monitor pests. We choose to maintain a permanent grass cover to improve the quality of the soil and to create the best condition to increase biodiversity.

The farm is growing organic since 2011 and is certified by ICEA. F’olio extravergin olive oil has organic certification.